Transaction d2719f39b084fdd91ade102a95fc26fa3f91cf63dd98613a6cdebcf287c4fe35clipboardJSON
Time11/20/2023 10:46 PM
Fee1300 stroops
Memo (None)
Operations (13)
Pay 5.7870724 USD [GB37] to GD4J (source: 311.1870221 XLM )JSON
Pay 40.7848026 wETH [GATA] to GD4J (source: 83126.9910079 USD [GB37])JSON
Pay 1.7505024 wBTC [GATA] to GD4J (source: 63925.0650821 USD [GB37])JSON
Pay 8.1364277 USDC [GATA] to GD4J (source: 8.1602797 USD [GB37])JSON
Pay 0.3333362 USD [GB37] to GD4J (source: 445.6703975 KRW [GB37])JSON
Pay 240.4086008 JPY [GB37] to GD4J (source: 1.6262091 USD [GB37])JSON
Pay 49.7702029 GBP [GB37] to GD4J (source: 61.3410102 USD [GB37])JSON
Pay 214.9385637 USD [GB37] to GD4J (source: 202.1815611 EUR [GB37])JSON
Pay 29.6669954 CNY [GB37] to GD4J (source: 4.0747478 USD [GB37])JSON
Pay 406.5089318 CHF [GB37] to GD4J (source: 450.5524963 USD [GB37])JSON
Pay 107.3480899 USD [GB37] to GD4J (source: 144.4941734 CAD [GB37])JSON
Pay 75.4911987 USD [GB37] to GD4J (source: 371.8001152 BRL [GB37])JSON
Pay 5.2197154 AUD [GB37] to GD4J (source: 3.3820427 USD [GB37])JSON